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Melex Golf Cart

Melex golf Cart Company was founded in 1970 at Mielec, Poland and were
introduced into the US market in June of 1971. Their first carts were almost
identical clones of the popular E-Z-GO which was US made. The first models were
the 102 three wheel and 202 four wheel. These were manufactured until 1974.
Models 112 and 212 were introduced in 1975. The 112 being a three wheel model
and the 212 a four wheel.

Because of the low cost, a Melex golf cart became extremely popular the
world over and especially in the US. People didn’t mind that it looked
exactly like the EZ Go vehicles that were already on the courses. The new
vehicles cost about half of what the EZ Go cart cost and that was enough to
generate a lot of sales in America. Most golfing vehicles at that time were
running in the neighborhood of $1200 or so. This new copycat could be had for
the low, low price of $600.

The Melex company’s claim to fame was the introduction of the first solid
state motor speed controller which was available in their full lineup for the
1986 model year. The early sales spark simply did not maintain itself and for a
while it seemed as if the company had died off, but that is not entirely true.
You can still find Melex golf carts but the company has changed hands and you
have to buy through an authorized dealer.

If you are a customer, looking to purchase a Melex golf cart, then its best
you know its advantages and disadvantages. A Melex golf cart is made to
extremely strict Italian styles specifications, which includes using ADC motors
and the latest technology such as Curtis programmable controllers.

A Melex golf cart is electrical which means that they’re better for
the environment. All of carts use the maintenance free Fullriver AGM battery
sets and you do not have to do weekly or bi-weekly battery checks. Melex golf
carts come in standard colors of white, green, champagne, dark metallic blue,
yellow, black, and red. You can also have a custom made color.

A major disadvantage of purchasing a Melex golf cart is that the Melex
Company is rather small compared to some of the other golf cart companies
worldwide. Because the company is located in South Africa it is only serving
customers in countries like South Africa (naturally!), Namibia, Seychelles and

If you are looking for spare parts for your Melex golf cart, your best bet
for finding repair parts is still the Internet. While some vendors are carrying
repair parts, as mentioned above, they are not the only source you have. You
can, for example, visit some of the consumer forums that are up and running and
ask if anyone knows of a good, reliable parts vendor.

Some of the online parts vendors for your Melex golf cart: -

Melex golf cart




This renewed interest in Melex golf carts has the added benefit of perhaps
making it easier to find parts for the machines.

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