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Golf Cart Batteries

What is a battery?

Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries, in concept, is any device that stores energy for later use. So Golf cart Batteries are sources that stores energy for golf cart driving.

You may have between 4 and 8 golf cart batteries in your golf cart.

Golf carts are normally powered by six lead-acid Golf Cart Batteries mounted beneath the front seat. Golf carts Batteries are very similar to any other car battery. They are full of acid so it’s good not to spill or tip over. The main difference is these batteries can be deeply discharged and recharged many, many times.

The difference in normal automobile batteries and Golf Cart Batteries is Golf Cart Batteries can be discharged to a lower voltage without damage to their cores.

Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries require special care. Golf Cart Batteries are charged by a battery charger, which changes the chemical composition of the battery and produce the energy. The charger process is not efficient and with each charging cycle the battery will hold a lesser charge. The Golf Cart Batteries which are deeply discharged have shorter life span than Golf Cart Batteries that experience only shallow discharge cycles. The quality of a battery depends on the number of discharge cycles. The larger number of cycles means the longer life for the battery. But to achieve the top number of cycles and efficiency you need to charge it in a proper way.

A good battery charger will automatically charge the battery to a high voltage for a prolonged period to return the golf carts batteries to the proper chemistry. This is very important to prolonging the life of your golf cart battery.

How to clean Golf Cart Batteries

Wear gloves, goggles and protective clothing when cleaning golf cart batteries. Don’t smoke near batteries, and take off all jewelry, including watches.

When cleaning the golf cart batteries first of all check the surface for cracks and damages.

Posts and connections should be free of dirt, fluids and corrosion. You should replace any damaged batteries.

Check that all vent caps are tight. Then clean the battery surface with a cloth or a brush which is soaked in a solution of baking soda. But please ensure the solution is not getting inside of the battery. Then rinse the battery with clean water and dry with a clean cloth. Solvents or spray cleaners should not be used. And you should clean battery terminals and cable clamps. It’s good to apply a coat of petroleum jelly when reconnect the clamps to terminals Always keep the area around the batteries clean and dry.


Golf Cart BatteriesGolf cart batteries easily catch fire if the proper water amount is not maintained, so it’s very important to maintain the water level. Check the water level weekly. The lead plates in the batteries must remain submerged in the proper amount of water at all times.

Add water after charging. Use only distilled water. Don’t use water high in minerals.

During the off season or when you don’t use the golf cart for a long time period the batteries should remain fully charged. Once the battery is charged fully store the cart in a covered place and check it like for every 30 days. You must be extra careful to not to keep the charger connected. It is also important to keep your golf car batteries clean and free of all dirts. They should be washed and neutralized with a water and baking soda solution.

Golf Cart Batteries

I’ve read this guide and now I don’t have to change my batteries anymore!
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  1. Akash

    i have a golf cart whose motor and controller i intend to use for my project,i am designing a electric bike using these components,the first obvious problem i am facing is the big heavy lead acid battery pack,the cart originally has a 48V battery pack with 6 number of 8V 200Ah batteries,can i replace these with smaller lithium-ion batteries(4 number of 12V 100Ah)?i know i cannot use the same charger from the golf cart,i will have to make another charger for the li-ioin batteries,but can i use the li-ion battery pack in this way instead of the lead-acid battery pack?

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