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Golf Cart

Golf cart

A golf cart is a miniature vehicle used to carry two golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course during the play time. Manufacturing golf carts are a multimillion business now. There are various types of golf cars with various facilities. Modern golf cars have many facilities, ball and cup holders, plastic enclosures to zip up in case of rain, sun canopies, and racks to hold bags, sweaters, and sand trap rakes, AM/FM radios and cassette players, ashtrays etc.

Golf game originally comes from coast of Scotland in the 15th century. Golfers would hit a pebble or a stone around the sand dunes with a stick or wide club. As time passed, stones were changed for man-made balls, the earliest of which were thin leather bags stuffed with bird feathers. Golf sticks changed into weighted golf clubs. The caddie, a servant who life and took the entire player’s golf clubs and balls around the golf course, had evolved into a golf cart.

There are two types of golf cars, electrically powered, and gas powered. Now the market has mainly shifted to electrical battery powered carts. These golf carts can be customized as normal cars for golfers who wish to express their individuality out on the course.

There are corporations which are specialize in creating fully custom golf cars, or even miniaturized versions of full sized cars, like the Humdinger (Humvee), mini Jeep, Rolls-Royce, Cadillac or even Mercedes-Benz. In custom golf cars you can have almost anything you want, if you want a custom body or just some additional accessories custom golf cart manufacturers are ready to do that for you.

Gas golf carts/cars carry heavier loads, around golf courses, construction sites, large parks and etc. And they are ideal even for hunting and farming.

Electrical golf carts are getting more and more popular for personal and golf course use as they are more environmentally friendly than gas ones. Electric golf cars are silent and no environment pollution, these can be found in airports, industrial plants, residential neighborhoods and tourist parks carrying one or more people. Electric golf carts are cheap to own and maintain, with just a connection to mains power for recharging. And many electrical cars come with portable battery charges. Some batteries charge in one minute and goes on for many hours

Solar golf carts are golf carts powered by mounting a photovoltaic (PV) or thin film panel. Here the cart uses the sun’s energy as the power. This is environment friendly cart, which is great for people who are off from the electricity facility. This type of carts is used by farmer, hunters, and long distance maintenance people. In high schools this is used as a way to teach about solar power.

When buying a golf cart from a good company these are the things you should consider.

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4×4 Golf Cart

4×4 golf cart Lifted 4×4 golf cart get increasing attention daily and very popular today. 4×4 golf cart offer you many different versions. They have 2 passengers to 4 passengers versions with bells and whistles. All leading golf cart manufacturers such as Ez-go, Yamaha, Club car are now manufacturing 4×4 golf cart for sale. You …

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Custom Golf Cart

Custom golf cart Golf is a very popular game. But now golf carts are getting popular more than golf. Apartment managers, construction site workers, golfers all use golf carts. Golf carts’ popularity has increased mainly because of the custom golf carts. Custom golf carts add more style to golf and show the personality of the …

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Custom Golf Cart For Sale

Custom golf cart for sale   Custom golf cart is a very popular vehicle. People love to buy golf carts and to customize it according to their own needs and wishes. This customization process gives them the chance to change the golf cart in to a personality icon. In this customization process people add various …

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electric golf cart1

Electric Golf Cart

Electric Golf Cart Golf is not a game but a passion for some people. These people consider their companion in golf is their golf cart. Today golf carts have reached a higher level popularity even among people who don’t play golf. Golf carts are widely used by apartment managers, construction sites, in small communities and …

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Gas Golf Cart

Gas golf cart There are 2 types of golf carts in the world. One is electric golf cart. The other is the gas golf cart. Gas golf cart is the one which has a long history from the start of golf. Gas golf carts use a gas engine, very similar to a car gas engine, …

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Gas Powered Golf Cart

Gas powered golf cart Golf carts are very popular in these days. Not only golfers, there are many others who love golf carts. And there are many other industries that use golf carts for various purposes. Apartment managers, civil engineers in large construction sites, farmers, in airports and even for street use in small communities …

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Golf Bag Cart

Golf bag cart For a golfer one of the most needed accessories is a golf bag. Golf bags come in various designs, colors, sizes and brands. There are many golf bag cart brands. Now the golf bags are becoming more and more fashionable and stylish, actually golf bags have become a style and personality icon …

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Golf Cart Auctions

Golf cart auctions Golf carts are getting popular day by day. They are more like a trend and a style. Everyone wants to own a golf cart. So people are searching ways to buy modest, quality, cheaper golf carts. That’s how the golf cart auctions became popular in the market. Golf cart seller and buyers …

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Golf_cart bags1

Golf Cart Bags

Golf cart bags Golf cart bags are mainly used to carry golf clubs. As now the golf has become a passion and golf carts are more into fashion, it’s same with golf cart bags. Golf cart bags come in various designs, sizes and brands. Some golf cart bags are very stylish. There are golf cart …

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Golf Cart Dealers

Golf Cart Dealers

Once you decide to purchase a golf cart, you need to look at the golf cart dealers. Choosing golf cart dealers will be as important as the model you pick. The dealer will provide the service and support to keep your vehicle running smoothly, so it is important that you find one who is reputable, …

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Golf Cart for Sale

Golf Cart For Sale

There are hundreds of online vendors and classifieds, where there is golf cart for sale. When searching on the web, for a golf cart for sale, you can search by manufacturer, price, dealer, or model. Most online vendors display both brand new and used golf cart for sale. When considering the best option for you, …

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Golf Cart Forum

Golf cart forum Golf carts are very popular today. Not only among golfers, but in the whole society as a life style and more like a trend. Not only golfers, there are many others who are crazy about golf carts. These people like to decorate and customize their carts and show their passion. That’s why …

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Golf Cart Graphics

Golf cart graphics People love fashion and style beyond their needs. People want to standout in fashion and style. And they want to make others look twice at their style or fashion. Graphics play a major role in fashion and style. For decades automobile and motorcycle graphics have been popular. Now they are popular more …

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Golf Cart Manufacturers

Golf cart manufacturers Golf carts have been a part of the life style now. People use golf carts in day to day life for many reasons. Apartment managers, farmers, airports, civil engineering sites, universities are some examples for it. And now golf carts have become street legal and its popularity is increasing day by day. …

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Golf Cart Ohio

Golf cart Ohio Ohio is a state at United Sates. People in Ohio State love to play golf. And in Ohio golf is a very popular. Ohio is always famous for sports. The Ohio State University is one of only four universities to have won a NCAA national championship in baseball, basketball and football. Ohio …

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golf cart prices

Golf Cart Prices

Golf carts are no longer just the property of public and private golf courses or country clubs. More and more private citizens, golfers and non-golfers alike, have discovered the value of owning their own golf carts. And the ability to customize your golf cart has moved it from an adult “go cart” to a symbol …

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Golf cart Rental

Golf Cart Rental

Golf cart Rental You can rent golf carts for many purposes. Almost every golf club has golf cart rentals. If you are a golfer, who is still not ready to buy a golf cart for your own, the best thing is to go for a golf club with golf cart rental facility. There are advantages …

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Golf Cart Repair

Golf cart repair Golf cart is very useful and popular in today’s world. It’s a life style, a personality icon and a passion to some people. As any other thing golf carts also need repairs. In a golf cart repair the most common problems comes with the batteries (in an electric golf carts), golf cart …

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Golf Cart Repairs

Golf cart repairs Golf is a passion. Golf carts are a style and personality icon. And years ago golf carts came out of the golf course. Golf carts are now a multipurpose vehicle; even it’s now street legal in small communities. So you should know about golf cart repairs also. As any other vehicle golf …

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golf cart sales

Golf Cart Sales

Due to the ever increasing petroleum prices and the environmental crisis, the electric golf cart versions are rapidly gaining in popularity. New golf cart sales are now up from 60% to 70% electric. Gasoline-powered carts cost a fraction of what cars do and use significantly less fuel. Electric carts can run for a full day …

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golf cart salvage1

Golf Cart Salvage

The cheapest way you can find old parts and accessories is through golf cart salvage. With a lot of work and a little bit of luck, you may be able to find a great deal on golf cart salvage. Great deals on golf cart parts, and occasionally a whole golf cart, can be had at …

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Golf Pull Cart

Golf Pull Cart

A golf pull cart is usually designed with two wheels. Steel trolleys are normally heavier then aluminum trolleys however the latter would be dearer. New innovations in trolleys have led to micro-carts that are folded down to fit almost any car booth. There is a wide range of golf pull carts on offer. Golf Pull …

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Golf Push Cart

Golf Push Cart

Three wheel golf push cart is much better for fitness than the ride-in carts. For this reason, a three wheel golf push cart is more popular among the golfers. This type of golf cart is used to carry all the irons, the spare golf balls and other personal belongings, such as GPS, towels, small lunch …

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Hummer Golf Cart

Hummer golf cart Hummer golf cart is the best custom made most luxury electric golf cart in the market. Hummer golf cart is rich in cutting edge technologies with best engineering practices. Hummer golf carts are highly fashionable. Hummer golf carts easily fall to luxury category because of the features they offer and because of …

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Lifted Golf Carts

Lifted Golf Cart

The lifted golf cart is becoming more and more popular as many owners are using their golf carts off road for hunting and fishing trips, outdoor recreational activities and even for farm work on large ranches. Stock golf carts are not suited to drive over rough and slippery terrain as they have low ground clearance …

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Melex golf cart

Melex Golf Cart

Melex golf Cart Company was founded in 1970 at Mielec, Poland and were introduced into the US market in June of 1971. Their first carts were almost identical clones of the popular E-Z-GO which was US made. The first models were the 102 three wheel and 202 four wheel. These were manufactured until 1974. Models …

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Motorized Golf Cart

Motorized golf cart Motorized golf carts were introduced in 1940s for people with disabilities. Actually these types of golf carts were used for people who had in convenience in walking around the golf course. But with a little time the fast popularity of the motorized golf cart, has made it appear on everywhere. Not only …

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Off Road Golf Cart

Off road golf cart Off road vehicles are which are capable of driving on and off paved or gravel surface. Off road golf cart is a golf cart like that. Off road golf carts are very popular because of its versatility. Some of the main characteristics that these off road golf carts share are Golf …

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Street Legal Golf Cart

Street legal golf cart Because of the popularity of the golf carts, it’s not only golfers who use it. Apartment managers, in airports, farms, in large civil engineering sites golf carts are used. Now people want to use golf carts more. Even on streets with day to day life, that’s how the street legal golf …

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Sun Mountain Golf Cart

Sun Mountain golf cart Sun Mountain golf cart is an incredible push pull golf cart. It is originally produced as a push pull cart to carry golf clubs and golf balls around the golf course. The Sun Mountain Golf Cart allows golfers the individuals to do their own walking around the golf course. Although there …

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Western Golf Cart

Western golf cart Western golf carts are one of the best golf cart companies in the world. They manufacture golf carts from modest and practical to elegant and luxurious. A western golf cart is stylish in a mind-blowing way, and proven in cutting edge technologies. This company has proven their golf carts and has impressed …

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